Health colleges in Tanzania 2021

This is the comprehensive list of all accredited state health colleges in Tanzania and their courses they offer. This post will help prospective students choose the state health colleges that best suits them.

With the ever increasing demand for quality education and the increase in student population every year, it is imperative to help prospective students outline these various state universities so as to make it easy for them to choose from.

From our findings, we were able to gather that there are 122 NACTE accredited health colleges and 6 Undergraduate health Collages in Tanzania and we will outline them in alphabetical order for easy access.

15 Best Universities In Tanzania 2021

List of TCU and NACTE approved health colleges in the United Republic of Tanzania.

NACTE Health and Medical Training Colleges in Tanzania

  1. Archbishop John Ramadhan School of Nursing
  2. Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre
  3. Bagamoyo School of Nursing
  4. Berega School of Nursing
  5. Besha Health Training Institute
  6. Bishop Kisula College of Health and Allied Sciences
  7. Bugando School of Nursing
  8. Bukumbi School of Nursing
  9. Bulongwa Health Sciences Institute
  10. Chato College of Health Sciences and Technology
  11. Clinical Officers Training Centre Kigoma
  12. Clinical Officers Training Centre Lindi
  13. Clinical Officers Training Centre Musoma
  14. Dareda School of Nursing
  15. Decca College of Health and Allied Sciences – Dodoma
  16. Dodoma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  17. Edgar Maranta Nursing School
  18. Elijerry Training Centre
  19. Geita School of Nursing
  20. Green Bird College – Mwanga
  21. Haydom Institute of Health Sciences
  22. Heri Nursing School
  23. Huruma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  24. Iambi Nursing School
  25. Ilembula Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  26. Ilula Nursing School
  27. Isimila Nursing School
  28. Kabanga School of Nursing
  29. Kagemu School of Environmental Health Sciences
  30. Kahama College Of Health Sciences
  31. Kahama School of Nursing
  32. Kairuki School of Nursing
  33. Kam College of Health Sciences
  34. Karatu Health Training Institute
  35. KCMC Amo Anaesthesia School
  36. KCMC Amo General School
  37. KCMC Amo General School – Assistant Medical Officers School KCMC
  38. Kcmc School of Nursing
  39. Kibaha College of Health and Allied Sciences
  40. Kibondo School of Nursing
  41. Kibosho School of Nursing
  42. Kibosho School of Nursing
  43. Kigoma Training College – Kigoma
  44. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College KCMU
  45. Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy
  46. Kilimatinde School of Nursing
  47. Kilosa Clinical Officers Training Centre
  48. Kiomboi School of Nursing
  49. Kiuma Nursing School
  50. Kolandoto College of Health Sciences
  51. Korogwe School of Nursing
  52. Kulangwa Prinmat Nursing and Midwifery School
  53. Lake Zone Health Training Institute
  54. Lugala School of Nursing
  55. Lugalo Military Medical School
  56. Lugarawa Health Training Institute
  57. Lugarawa Health Training Institute
  58. Machame Health Training Institute
  59. Makambako Institute of Health Sciences
  60. Masasi Clinical Officers Training Centre
  61. Massana College of Nursing
  62. Mbalizi Institute of Health Sciences – Mbeya
  63. Mbeya College of Health Sciences
  64. Mbulu School of Nursing
  65. Mchukwi Nursing School
  66. Mgao Health Training Institute
  67. Mirembe School of Nursing – Dodoma
  68. Mkolani Foundation Health Sciences Training Institute
  69. Mkomaindo School of Nursing
  70. Mlimba Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  71. Morogoro Public Health Nursing School
  72. Mtwara School of Nursing
  73. Muhimbili Institute of Allied Sciences
  74. Murgwanza Nursing School
  75. Muyoge College of Health Science and Management (MUCOHESMA)
  76. Mvumi Institute of Health Sciences
  77. Mwambani School of Nursing
  78. Nachingwea school of Nursing
  79. Ndanda School of Nursing
  80. Ndolage Institute of Health Sciences
  81. New Mafinga Health and Allied Institute
  82. Newala School of Nursing
  83. Ngudu School of Environmental Health Sciences
  84. Nkinga Institute of Health Sciences
  85. Nyakahanga College of Health and Allied Sciences
  86. Nzega Nursing School
  87. Operating Theatre Management School – Mbeya
  88. Pemba School of Health Sciences
  89. Peramiho School of Nursing
  90. Primary Health Care Institute
  91. Primary Health Care Institute PHCI-Iringa
  92. Rao Health Training Centre
  93. Rubya Health Training Institute
  94. Same School of Nursing
  95. School of Dental Therapists Mbeya
  96. School of Optometry KCMC
  97. School of Physiotherapy KCMC
  98. School of Physiotherapy KCMC
  99. Sengerema health training institute
  100. Shirati College of Health Sciences
  101. Singida College of Health Sciences and Technology
  102. Sr. Dr. Thekla Nursing School
  103. St. Aggrey College of Health Science
  104. St. Augustine Muheza Institute of Health Sciences
  105. St. Augustine Muheza Institute of Health Sciences
  106. St. Bakhita Health Training Institute
  107. St. Gaspar Nursing School
  108. St. John College of Health
  109. St. John’s University of Tanzania (Sj)
  110. St. Joseph University College of Health Sciences
  111. St. Magdalene School of Nursing
  112. Sumve School of Nursing
  113. Tandabui Institute of Health Sciences and Technology
  114. Tanga School of Nursing
  115. Tarime School of Nursing
  116. Tosamaganga Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  117. Training Centre for Health Records Technology
  118. Tukuyu School of Nursing
  119. Uyole health sciences institute
  120. Yohana Wavenza Health Institute
  121. Zanzibar School of Health
  122. Zanzibar University (Zu) (Conventional Programmes

Undergraduate Health Colleges in Tanzania

  1. Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences MUHAS
  2. University of Dar es Salaam-UDSM
  3. The University of Dodoma (UDOM)
  4. Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences CUHAS
  5. Kampala International University Dar es Salaam College
  6. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College KCMU

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